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Stink Bugs

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Professional Stink Bug Pest Control Wichita Kansas

The stink bug, Brown Marmorated Stink BugBMSB”, is one insect species hard to forgets. A foul odor, related to a natural pyridine-based secretion, makes the stink bug unforgettable. More stink bug/human encounters take place in the late fall and mid-spring than any other time of the year. Fall encounters generally occur while the insect is preparing to enter the “overwintering” state. During this deep sleep-like state, the stink bug reduces its heart rate and respiration to a minimum.

What is the purpose of the overwintering state? First, and foremost, overwintering is a process that allows insects to sleep throughout the winter season. In the deep sleep state of overwintering, the stink bug does not need to forage for food because ingestion is not necessary. The insect feeds on nutrients derived from its stored fats.

Overwintering stink bug “Euschistus spp) can hide in tall grass, behind loose tree bark, in shrubs, and in between two bricks, where the mortar is missing. Some of these shelters are part of the stink bug’s natural habitat. Still, the insect could be exposed to the harsh winter weather and prey for predatory insects and animals. The drive to survive the winter is rather extraordinary. The insect knows its best option is indoor shelter, which is where home invasion or infiltration comes into play.

Why Is My Garage Infested With Stink Bugs?

Stink bugs are overwintering pests that spend the winter season in a deep sleep. Overwintering stink bugs are vulnerable to the winter elements and predatory animals, and insects. Overwintering pests are nearly defenseless for the entirety of the process. To avoid these dangers, stink bugs try to find shelter indoors. They infiltrate residential and commercial establishments through small holes with a ¾-in diameter. To infiltrate your home, the stink bug must have found an entry point. Stink bug entry points are commonly found in window and door frames, connections between HVAC flex ducts, dryer vents, and entrance thresholds.

Overwintering pests will also utilize windows and doors that are open for ventilation purposes. When metal screens are intact, they cannot be utilized as stink bug entry points into your home. Leaving your windows and doors open without screens will not only offer access points for stink bugs, but also other overwintering pestsbox elder bugs, ladybugs, and cluster flies.

Do Stink Bugs Carry Disease?

No, stink bugs have not scientifically been associated with diseases or parasites. However, the insect species is notable for emitting a foul odor. The pungent scent is linked to a pyridine secretion, generated by the stink bug’s glands. Even worse, the pyridine secretion has staining properties. Stink bug pyridine secretion stains painted walls, drapery, upholstery, and carpet fibers.

Stink bugs do not cause structural damage because they do not have mandibles. Instead, the insect has mouthparts that are utilized to pierce their prey’s bodies. Once the feeding tube is in place, the insect will then begin to suck the juices out of the prey’s body.

What Is The Most Effective Stink Bug Eradication Technique?

There is no single extermination strategy that will offer 100 percent eradication for stink bugs. Our professional pest control combines industrial-grade insecticide, visual inspection, and adhesive traps. This combinational pest control strategy offers 100 percent effectiveness for stink bug infiltration and infestation.

Our pest control strategies begin with a visual inspection of the impacted property. The exterminator determines the high-risk areas of the property, which is where the inspection will be initiated. We believe it is crucial to initiate the home inspection in these areas to ensure maximum results.

Professional stink bug management is suitable for mild to severe infestations. The same thing cannot be factually said about do-it-yourself pest control. The primary difference between these two stink bug control strategies is potency. DIY pest control utilizes low potency standard pesticide formulas, while professional pest control utilizes high potency, industrial-grade formulas.

Should Wichita Property Owners Try Over-The-Counter Pesticides Before Calling The Experts?

It is perfectly okay to test over-the-counter pest control products. But, the longer you wait to call in the pest control experts, the more severe the problem will become. We highly recommend reaching out to our Wichita extermination team immediately upon detection of stink bugs in your home. Otherwise, you could find yourself dealing with a full-blown infestation within a few short weeks.

While stink bugs do not reproduce indoors, they can oftentimes be accompanied by other overwintering pest species. An overwintering pest infestation is much more severe than a stink bug infestation. Why? Instead of dealing with one insect, you would be dealing with a variety of overwintering pest species.

Do Wichita Exterminators Offer Free Written Quotes For Professional Stink Bug Management?

Yes, our extermination team will gladly provide you with a written estimate. However, we need to thoroughly inspect your home in advance. A home inspection is an important component of our professional pest control. Reach out to our Wichita customer support via email, phone, or social media to schedule your free stink bug inspection, with a written quote.

How Can I Protect My Property From A Future Stink Bug Infiltration?

Sealing all exterior-to-interior entry points is a great place to begin. Utilize a waterproof sealant, such as caulk or silicone, which will offer a complete seal for small access points. Medium- and large-sized entry points will need a much more drastic approach – foam insulation, sealant, and metal sheeting.

We advise you to never leave windows and doors open without screens.

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