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Eco-Friendly Treatments

Can you name a destructive parasite, an animal, or perhaps, a scourge, that feeds on your blood while you sleep? Yes, the vampire would be a perfect example, but that’s not exactly the pest we are referring to in this instance. No doubt just as troublesome and problematic, we are talking about the bed bug. While this pest is only the size of an apple seed, its potential for damage and fear are right on the level with Dracula himself.

One reason for this is the insect has adapted to different environments and evolve over the years. Just like the vampire, the bed bug has evolved into the 21st Century. And this new introduction of the bed bug is anything but cute and cuddly. Chemicals and pesticides that once used to be effective at eradicating the pest are no longer even applicable. At the very least, they are nowhere near as effective as they once were. It is now taking two or three treatments just to produce minor results in some situations.

All in all, it doesn’t take a genius to see the need for safer, newer, and more innovative bed bug treatments. This is where today’s eco-friendly bed bug solutions come in handy. Modern pest management firms are now offering what is known as eco-friendly treatments. Treatments that are much safer on the environment and supposedly more effective in certain infestations. With that in mind, there are just as many potential downfalls as there are benefits to these treatments. That’s exactly why one must know and understand everything they possibly can about them to determine whether they are right for them.

Who Go Eco-Friendly?

One of the most obvious benefits of eco-friendly bed bug control is fewer environmental risks. These treatments are not only safer for the environment, but for all involved parties. Involved parties may include our pest control technicians, the client, and the client’s kids and pets. Although we would never recommend it, a family could almost remain in the home, while our eco-friendly pest control treatments are initiated. Of course, this would not work for heat treatment, but it may be for most of our other environmentally friendly strategies.

The family can, however, come right back onto the property after the treatment is administered because there are no residual effects. This is just another major upside to our professional eco-friendly solutions.

In addition to this, bed bugs oftentimes like to burrow deep into cracks, crevices, cracks, gaps, slits, and holes. They like to access the parts of your home that are rarely accessed, like behind baseboards, in picture frames, and in tiny holes.

A tidbit of information you may not be familiar with is bed bugs are attracted to the heat generated by electrical circuits. Unfortunately, liquid pesticides and chemicals can’t even be applied in these areas.

Trying to treat such an infestation with chemicals and pesticides could only potentially further spread the infestation to other parts of the home. Once again, in comes the eco-friendly treatments. Treatments like steam, heat, and cryonite can penetrate these areas and kill the bugs on contact. Killing on contact is another major selling point for eco-friendly solutions. Because these treatments kill on contact, they are more effective killing machines.

Your Available Options

There are some all-natural solutions available today that can replace traditional pesticides, but there are three other eco-friendly solutions getting the most attention. These would be cryonite treatments, heat treatments, and steam treatments. Each has proven effective with its individual advantages and disadvantages.

Cryonite – Cryonite treatments work by emitting carbon dioxide “CO2” that freezes bugs on contact. This treatment is administered via a canister and because it comes out immediately as a gas, it can be effective in a lot of areas, where traditional liquid pesticides cannot safely be applied.

Heat Treatments – Heat treatments work by raising the temperature in the home to 140 degrees F and maintaining it for 90 minutes or more. Maintaining the temperature is key, as fluctuations will render the treatment ineffective.

Steam Treatment – Steam treatment works almost like cryonite treatments. The major difference is that this treatment utilizes steam to dry the bug out rather than freezing them. It is also a kill-on-contact treatment that can permeate behind walls, in electrical outlets, and under wallpaper.

30-Day Follow-Up

If we believe in anything, it is being thorough. Therefore, we always bill in 30-day follow-up treatments with all our eco-friendly offerings. Whether you choose a steam solution, a heat, or a cryonite, you’ll see us 30 days after the initial treatment. During this visit, we will reexamine the property, making sure the pests have completely and effectively been removed from the property. As was mentioned, this is something that is billed into the initial charge, so you don’t have to worry about getting another bill. You’ve essentially already paid for this perk.

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