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Carpenter Bees

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Carpenter bees are stinging insects that can grow over an inch in length. They’re larger than other pests in this category. If the bee is completely black, it is female. If it has some orange spots, it is a male. Don’t mistake them for bumblebees because they do not have hair on their abdomens.

Reasons For Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees invade properties that have unprotected softwoods. If you haven’t painted or stained the softwoods around your home, you’re going to get carpenter bees. They’ll bore small holes in the wood and use the holes for nesting purposes. Since a breeding pair is going to return to the same next for multiple years, the damage will quickly accumulate.

Health Risks Linked To Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees can sting people, but they usually don’t. Male carpenter bees can’t sting since they don’t have a stinger. However, they will aggressively defend their nests. A female carpenter bee will have a stinger, but she won’t be as aggressive as a male. They can inject venom into their victims, and it could cause an allergic reaction. When this happens, the victim needs to get medical attention immediately. Another problem is that carpenter bee larvae are going to attract woodpeckers. Unfortunately, woodpeckers will cause immense damage to your home.

Eliminating Carpenter Bees

It is vital to remove the carpenter bees from your property as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the damage is going to quickly accumulate. Get rid of every carpenter bee or the infestation will worsen again. We offer a residential pest control program to rectify the problem. When you’re ready to begin, call us and we’ll get started immediately.

DIY Carpenter Bee Solutions

You may contemplate fixing the problem by using DIY carpenter bee solutions. Although these methods can help, they’re not as reliable as some of the others. We believe professional solutions are the best. They’re safer and more reliable. If you try to spray a carpenter bee nest with DIY chemicals, you’re likely going to get stung. Let us protect you.

The Safest Carpenter Bee Solutions

We strive to provide our clients with the safest carpenter bee solutions. To achieve this goal, we’re going to eliminate your pests using EPA-registered products. We use these products because they’ve been proven safe and effective. Our technicians will follow our strict guidelines to guarantee that you’ll be protected.

Preventing Infestations Of Carpenter Bees

After we’ve eliminated the carpenter bees around your property, you need to stop them from returning. Make sure all the softwoods around your property have been painted or stained. Then, the wood will be less attractive. Alternatively, you can switch to hardwoods.


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