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Conventional Treatment

Conventional TreatmentIf you are currently dealing with bed bugs, it would be safe to assume that you have scoured the Internet for available treatments and solutions This, unfortunately, might have left you with only more questions than answers, but it is a starting point. Bed bugs are a widely discussed topic these days. Treatment options and solutions for this troublesome insect are even more commonly discussed, as there are now more available than ever before. You can thank today’s technologies for a substantial portion of this, while much of this has to do with the growth and development in the pest industry, and some can even be contributed to the insect itself.

All that said, you still have the traditional conventional pesticides treatments. These solutions are still a popular go-to option today, and this is because they are still effective. It is possible that you have heard people say that bed bugs have grown immune to the pesticides and chemicals that were once used to kill them reliably. You may have heard someone say that conventional pesticides and chemicals are no longer an effective means to eliminate bed bugs. As with other widely discussed topics, there are always myths and misconceptions that follow. Why would bed bug treatments be any different? It is important to learn about the facts.

You must understand that the efficiency of conventional pest management methods has always been limited. These treatments are even more limited when they are not used right or the correct amounts of them are not utilized. For instance, conventional treatment solutions are usually only effective when the infestations are smaller. In addition to this, proper conventional treatment solutions usually require more than a single application to be successful. Here is what one of our basic, conventional treatment solutions looks like:

  • You give us a call and schedule an appointment of your choosing.
  • We will give you a 24 to-48-hour timeframe in which we can get an expert out to the property.
  • When out at the property, our expert will scour your property checking potential entry points to the home, breeding sites, what is attracting the bugs to the property, and the best ways to approach treatment.
  • When the assessment is over, our tech will present you with a list of available treatment options.
  • You will schedule a treatment with a time and date of your choosing.
  • On the first visit, we will apply a fast-acting contact insecticide on the surfaces throughout the home that are frequently touched. During this visit, we will also administer a dust insecticide for the furniture, cracks, and crevices of the home.
  • There will later be another visit in 10 to 14 days. Then, we will reapply the same applications as mentioned above. Only this time, we will also add a residual insecticide.
  • You will not see us again for another 30 days. On the 30th day, we will send someone back out to do a follow-up examination of the property just to make sure your problems are over.
  • If not, the treatments will be reapplied. If the bugs are gone, our tech will sit down and discuss a prevention plan with you to help keep your property pest-free for the future.

As you can see, we believe in being extremely thorough. Bed bugs can be tricky, and we do our best to stop them before they become an even bigger problem for you and your family. Whether you have questions, want to learn more about conventional treatments, or need emergency services, you can give our offices a call. Our technicians are eager to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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