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Heat Treatment

Bed bugs are tough insects, and it seems that as time passes, they are only growing more resilient. The pesticides that once used to be effective at eradicating these bugs are no longer able to do the job. Or, at least they can’t do it as effectively as they once did. All in all, there is a huge demand for new, innovative, more powerful treatments. This is where eco-friendly options like heat treatment are filling the void. Thermal heat treatment is one of the eco-friendly treatments that more of today’s pest management firms are starting to offer. While the treatment is new in the United States, it has been utilized extensively in other parts of the world due to its unique properties and potential effectiveness.


It’s proven quite effective and applicable in a variety of situations where traditional pesticides and chemicals aren’t suitable. Of course, this doesn’t mean heat treatments are the one-stop solution to all of today’s bed bug problems. Depending on the circumstances, it might not even be a viable solution for you. Whatever the situation, it pays to know everything you possibly can about the heat treatment so you can determine whether is it right for you and your family.


Understanding How Thermal Heat Kills Bed Bugs


As you’ve probably already imagined, heat treatments involve raising the temperature in the home to specific degrees for a certain amount of time. When exposed to temperatures of 140 degrees F or greater, the bed bug’s internal organs will shut down. When exposed to these temperatures for ninety minutes or more, you can guarantee complete eradication.


All in all, thermal heat treatment involves bringing in special equipment to raise the temperature in the home to 140 degrees F or hotter. The equipment is usually operated for two hours or longer to ensure complete eradication of the bugs.


The Most Effective Option Available Today?


If you take the time to do some research on thermal heat treatments, you will see that there are some pest management firms boasting about them being the most effective bed bug solution available today. This is entirely possible, and there are several reasons for this. First and foremost, it kills bugs at all stages of life. It doesn’t matter if you have adults, larvae, nymphs, or eggs in the home, when exposed to 140 degrees F for a period of ninety minutes or more, the bug will die.


In addition to this, the treatment can access areas of the property that traditional treatments cannot reach. It can effectively get behind walls, baseboards, and deep into electrical outlets. Because it doesn’t utilize any chemicals, it is also an effective solution where production can’t be stopped or where edibles are involved.


Maintaining And Monitoring The Temperatures


Ultimately, are immense benefits associated with our thermal heat treatments. There is simply no denying that the treatment is great and its potential in the industry is unlimited. However, just like everything on the market, there are some potential downsides or drawbacks as well. One of the biggest ones with thermal heat is the constant need for 140 degrees F.


If there are too many fluctuations or the temperature isn’t maintained, it will render the treatment ineffective. It is essential for our technicians to carefully monitor and maintain the correct temperature. As soon as the temperature drops, the monitor sends a signal to the techs so they can make the necessary adjustments. There is always the potential to damage or ruin anything too sensitive to heat. Of course, these heat-sensitive items should be removed from the property before the heat is applied. This is something the administering technicians can help with. Although some consider it a con, others will agree that it is helpful that heat treatments do not leave any residue.


This does make the treatment all-around safer, but it does also mean what bugs are missed during the initial treatment phase will go on to survive. With pesticides and chemicals, there is always the chance that bugs can later encounter the substances and still get eradicate. Unfortunately, this would not be the case with the thermal heat treatment. Nevertheless, our technicians will take extra steps to ensure that the bugs are trapped in the home so they can be eliminated with our heat treatments.


Whether you are interested in learning more about this treatment, want to speak with a professional, or need emergency assistance, you can give our offices a call. We always have someone standing by and are more than happy to help when and where we can.

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