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Mice in a cheese shop? Bed bugs in a mattress store? Cockroaches in a restaurant? Termites in a carpentry shop? Regardless of what your situation is, we are equipped to handle your every need. And we take commercial pest care seriously. It’s something we highly value and have been working with a variety of unique businesses since we opened our doors. Here are some of the

types of businesses that we are familiar with:

You’ve heard people say it before, but there is honesty no job too big or too small for our commercial pest control company. We employ the highest trained and most qualified technicians while implementing the most advanced, cutting-edge pest solutions. We highly believe in technology and utilizing it to the fullest to help you and your business.

We understand that commercial pest control is an entirely different beast and requires different approaches and methods. This is what we are willing to offer. When you combine this with our 30-day follow-up checks and our satisfaction guarantees, it should not be hard to see why more and more Wichita businesses are opting to take advantage of our commercial pest control services. When all things are considered, it only makes sense! Don’t hesitate to call our Wichita, Kansas office so we can tell you more about our services.

Why Commercial Pest Control Is A Different Beast

When most people think of commercial pest control, they think of it as being the same thing as residential pest control just on a bigger level. Ultimately there are some similarities, but for the biggest part, it’s an entirely different beast. For instance, smaller infestations can oftentimes be treated with the same tools and procedures that are used in residential settings.

However, these situations are extremely rare. Because commercial buildings are oftentimes older and bigger, the infestations we end up dealing with are usually wider spread and the pest population is much larger in number. Successfully and fully removing pests usually requires an efficient approach and the utilization of unique pest management tactics. Not only this but there are always building codes to worry about.

Commercial buildings are held to a much higher standard when it comes to zoning and coding. The slightest little mishap could legally put you out of operation. Whatever the situation, these are all things that we can help you tackle. Let us do all the worrying and heavy lifting.

Commercial Buildings And Pests

When a customer comes into your place of business they are likely paying for a service. Whether it is to sit down and grab a bite to eat, to enjoy a show, or to get in a quick workout, they are likely paying you for something. They’re not only going to want the best of the best, but they are going to want it in a safe and clean environment. Suffice to say, a pest infestation is going to hurt your business and your customers.

Pests, even though they invade the cleanest properties, are always associated with cleanliness. A customer sees a bed bug or roach crawling around and they will immediately assume you are not clean. Just imagine the damage that can be done if the customer posts the occurrence on popular review sites.

The situation would not be good, and it could quickly worsen as more people spread the bad reviews. Therefore, it is imperative to eradicate all pest infestations as soon as they are identified. Not only this, but you need to have preventive measures in place. You do not want your customers to be the first to know you have a problem. You don’t want them to know at all because the damage that comes along with word of mouth is too great these days.

How Our Pest Commercial Pest Management Services Work

All in all, our commercial pest management services aren’t that much different from what you would generally imagine. We do approach the situation with a more experienced eye than some and with much better care. As far as the general process goes, we operate much like you’d imagine any commercial pest control company would operate. We strive to provide our clients with the best services possible so we’re always willing to go the extra mile.

It all starts with a phone call. You call us up and speak to someone in our offices. We will then schedule a time and date to get an assessor out to the property. The first visit will be a simple, yet thorough, assessment of the property. We will check for things like potential entry points, possible breeding sites, factors that are attracting pests, best treatment solutions, and a whole list of other things. When the assessment is complete, our tech will present you with a list of treatment programs. We’ll do our best to help you pick the best one for your business.

You’ll choose one and we will then schedule another time and date to return and begin treatment. Depending on the type of treatment you choose, you may not see us again for another 30-days, which will be the follow-up visit. During this visit, we will go back over the property and make sure everything was completely taken care of as agreed upon. If the pests have been successfully removed from the property, we will sit down and discuss preventive measures to help keep your property pest-free.

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