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Lady Bugs

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Ladybugs are beetles that fit into the overwintering pest category. The smallest ladybug beetles are only 1/32 of an inch, but some of them reach half an inch. They’re red with a few red spots on their wings. Their body parts are black. Although there are 5,000 species of ladybugs, 450 are native to the North American continent. Most are harmless, but a few species are pests in North America and Europe. Ladybugs are beneficial because they can help eliminate aphids, mites, mealybugs, and scale insects. These beetles are used at the Mall of America to get rid of aphids.

Reasons For Ladybug Infestations

The pest ladybug species have been in the United States for many years. It was brought to North America in the 20th century so it would protect crops from aphids. The ladybugs were indeed effective for this purpose. The pest found a way to survive during the cold winter months. It did so by hiding on south-facing walls and entering structures. The population of these bugs quickly rose higher and the ladybug became a serious problem in the United States.

How Dangerous Are Ladybugs?

The good news is that ladybugs do not pose any danger to people or pets. However, there is evidence that the Asian lady beetle can nip someone’s skin. Rest assured knowing that it doesn’t happen often. Even if they nip, they won’t break the skin or transmit illnesses. They’re harmless, but they will leave a mess around your home.

Removing An Infestation Of Ladybugs

Since ladybugs are overwintering pests, they want to remain in your home until the warm temperatures return. Therefore, you can always wait for them to leave. The only problem is that they’ll remain in your home for several months. Once they’ve decided to leave, you’ll need to clean up their mess. Treating a ladybug infestation isn’t going to be easy because there is no central nest. Instead, you must treat each ladybug individually. Trying to do this on your own won’t be easy. Rely on our services because we’re precise and reliable. Once ladybugs have invaded, we’re your number one solution.

Doing It On Your Own

You’re likely tempted to experiment with DIY solutions because they’re quick and easy. Unfortunately, they’re quick for a reason. They often do not work. They’re not effective enough to eliminate the infestation. Plus, you need to know how to treat all the ladybugs on your property. Miss a few and these overwintering pests will remain. Be cautious when using DIY solutions because some of them contain dangerous chemicals.

Our Timeline

We’re one call away. Once you’ve called, you should hear from our expert within 24 to 48 hours.

Our Treatments Protect You

Ultimately, we make it a top priority to ensure that our clients are going to be safe. We use the latest ladybug control methods that rely on the safest products. Since we rely on EPA-registered tools, you can sleep soundly knowing they’re safe. Our technicians are trained extensively so they can fix your infestation while keeping everyone in your home safe. When you work with us, our experts will deal with the problem safely.

Preventing Problems In The Future

It is likely impossible to keep ladybugs out of your home. Still, there are ways to make it harder for them to increase. Seal your exterior walls before winter to try to keep them out.

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