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Carpenter Ants

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Our Wichita, Kansas clients often encounter carpenter ants. These ants are unique because they like excavating through wood surfaces. They’ll tears holes through wood decks and siding. They have six legs and a pair of antennas. Despite having a few reddish spots, they’re primarily black. Carpenter ants travel in large groups. Their strong mandibles allow them to tear through wood. Each coloy has specific members, including workers and queens. Remember that the appearance will depend on the class.

Spotting Carpenter Ants

You need to find out how to identify a carpenter ant infestation. Once you’ve figured out how to do this, you’ll be ready to spot the problem quickly. Remember that carpenter ants are big, black ants. Use the other tups below to identify an infestation of carpenter ants.

  • If you have carpenter ants, you’re going to find piles of sawdust. You’ll also find sawdust trails throughout your home.
  • Listen carefully and you might hear these pests. You can likely hear them moving through your home.
  • Look for winged ants around your home. The swarmer ants are going to leave their colony to build new ones elsewhere.

Reasons For Carpenter Ant Colonies

Carpenter ants start by building colonies in decaying wood. Once the colony is thriving, the ants will attempt to relocate to better wood. The ants in your home are living in a satellite colony. They’ve come from a bigger colony outside. In general, ants want to be outside, but they’ll enter homes for several reasons. For instance, they’re going to invade your home to search for food.

The Dangers Linked To Carpenter Ants

How dangerous are carpenter ants? Ultimately, these ants usually aren’t dangerous. They don’t bite or sting. Plus, they’re not going to inject venom into their victims. The primary concern is that they’re going to use their strong mandibles to destroy your home.

Getting Rid Of Carpenter Ants

Ultimately, it won’t be easy to fix this problem. When you find carpenter ants in your home, you need to devise a plan to rectify the problem right away. We recommend calling and learning more about our carpenter ant services. We offer full-scale services so we can identify the source of the problem, find a solution, and administer the solution. We’ll also give you advice for keeping these pests out.

Using DIY Methods

Don’t forget that you can eliminate ants using DIY products. Although some of these products will eliminate ants, they’re not the best option. It is hard to eliminate carpenter ants. It takes a lot of time and patience to eliminate carpenter ants. Suffice to say, you’ll likely have trouble fixing the problem on your own. Plus, you don’t want to expose yourself to dangerous pesticides. Work with so you can deal with it while protecting everyone in your household.

When Can You Start?

We’re ready to eliminate your carpenter ants. Call our office and we’ll make sure someone contacts you within 48 hours.

The Safest Carpenter Ant Solutions

We try to provide our Wichita, Kansas clients with the safest solutions. We follow precise protocols to guarantee that the problem will be dealt with safely. We’ll fix the problem while following strict protocols. Plus, we’re going to use EPA-registered products that are safe. Work with and you’ll be protected to the fullest.

Preventing Carpenter Ant Problems

It isn’t easy to prevent carpenter ants from entering your home. The best thing to do is to write down our number so you can be ready to contact us. Once you’ve found carpenter ants in your home, call us. We’ll be ready to begin helping you deal with this problem.

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