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Pests can pose a variety of problems in any home. Once they invade the home and make themselves comfortable, they can pose a whole host of unique problems. Some only pose a mental risk, while some pose both physical and structural risks. All in all, pests inside your domain are not a good thing. They’ll not only affect you and your property, but they’ll have negative effects on everyone involved.

Your pets and your family are in just as much danger. This is something we take extremely seriously, as we know how important it is to not only feel safe in your home but to be safe in the home. Therefore, we have developed a variety of effective pest management programs to assist with this very thing. The best way to tackle any pest problem is by stopping it before it happens. Of course, this is much harder said than done or there would be no need for our services.

By doing some minor things like sealing up cracks in the walls and foundations, trimming back shrubs, and removing unwanted debris from the yard, you can do a lot. You’d be surprised at just how big of a difference these little actions could make. It’s hard to take preventive measures when you don’t know what measures to take. It’s like knowing that you need to change the oil in your vehicle, but don’t know when or how to do it. This is what we are here for.

We not only want to help get your property pest-free, but we want to help you keep it pest-free. That’s just one of the many things that make our residential pests services better than the rest. While we are equipped to handle just about any situation and infestation, here are some types of properties we are more familiar with:

We Offer Eco-Friendly Solutions

Anytime there are pets and children involved, safety immediately becomes the number one concern. This is something we understand wholeheartedly as parents. Not only do we care about this, but we also care about the environment. This is exactly why we have started offering eco-friendly solutions. These solutions have proven to be more effective in some situations and have become an immediate go-to for us.

Some of the eco-friendly solutions we offer today are Cryonite, steam treatments, and heat treatments. Along with traditional pesticides and chemicals, we also offer other all-natural treatments. We can’t promise every solution will work in every specific situation, but that’s why we assess the property. Our tech performs a 10-point assessment to make sure we are offering the most effective pest management solutions possible.

About Our Residential Pest Solutions

We have been offering unique pest management solutions to the Wichita area for as long as we have been in business. We have learned a lot over the years. Immense amounts of trial and error have helped us develop some of the most effective pest management solutions possible. Our techs are of the highest trained and attend continuing education classes annually.

They are constantly trained and retrained on the latest methods and methodology of pest management. Along with this, we have a huge belief in technology. Technology is abundant in today’s world, and it’s only helping. Making things more efficient, making life all-around easier, and opening doors to all new possibilities. The same can be said for the pest management industry. That’s why we are willing to utilize and adapt to cutting-edge technologies, whereas a lot of firms are still opposed. We want to have the best in our arsenals to offer our customers.

Pests in your home will make you uncomfortable, and you’ll begin losing sleep. Unfortunately, a lack of sleep will eventually take a toll on your physical and mental health. Work with us to eliminate the problem before the infestation turns your life upside down.

How Our Pest Services Work

It honestly is as simple as a phone call. All you must do is give us a phone call to get the entire process rolling. One call, set up an appointment, schedule a time and date of your choosing, and we’ll get a pest management pro out to your property.

During the assessment stage, our techs will perform what is known as a 10-point assessment of the property. During this time, he or she will check for entry points, best treatment methods, breeding sites, and a whole host of other essentials. When all said and done, we will present you with a list of your best courses of action and let you choose one that fits into your budget.

From there, we will set up another date and time for the administration of the treatment.

Depending on how that goes, you’ll either see us again in 10 to 14 days or 30 days. The 30 days will be the follow-up and final visit. It will be during this visit that we go back over the property to ensure that it is now pest-free. If it is, we will sit down with you and help you devise a prevention plan to keep your property free of pests for the long-term future.

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