I Found A Few Bed Bugs – Does That Mean I’m Dealing With An Infestation?

There is no other way to put it, one or two, bed bugs in the home spells major problems. It’s not like finding a fly or a ladybug. You can just physically remove these pests and go about your day, not giving it a second thought. This will not be the case with the bed bug. You are right to be concerned. Bedbugs prefer only coming out when you are sleeping and hiding while you are active in the home. Once you’ve just spotted a single bug in the home, getting a professional on the phone to immediately deal with the problem will be vital. You simply cannot afford to put the situation off because it will grow rapidly. This is if the problem isn’t already out of hand. It probably already is, given the fact that bed bugs go out of their way to avoid detection.

Why A Few Bed Bugs Are A Risk

It is highly unlikely that there are just one or two bugs in the home. This might be all you’re currently seeing, but the bed bug is a social creature, meaning where there is one, there is likely many. These creatures do everything in tandem. They live in hordes, travel in groups, and work like an ant colony. The most troubling part is that these creepy crawlers go out of their way to avoid detection most of the time. They’ll always take the path of least resistance when presented to them, so seeing them in the home spells major problems. It could be that the infestation has grown so large that the population is pushing each other out into the open. Things become even worse if the bugs you are seeing are female. An adult female bed bug can produce upwards of 500 eggs in a single lifetime. That’s 500 extra unwanted bugs if the problem isn’t stopped right away. While bed bugs are extremely hard to procure and even harder to spot, you can tell the males from the females by looking at the abdomens. The males have pointed abdomens, where the female will have more of a rounded abdomen. All in all, you need to get pro on the phone and out to the property!

The Difficulties Of Spotting Bed Bugs

If there ever was a covert insect it would be the bed bug. Combine their quick wits with the tiny profiles and common color shades, and it should be easy to see how these bugs oftentimes go overlooked. They don’t have wings or aren’t capable of flight or jumping, so they are virtually crawling everywhere they go. You won’t likely find them scurrying on the ground because they’ll be inactive when you are active in the property. Heck, most of the time it takes a professional to discern that there is a bed bug problem on the property. Consider yourself somewhat lucky if you do happen to spot a bug or two in the home. At least you will now know that you have a problem on your hands, and you can start trying to fix it. To make matters even worse, most people use bed bug bites as an earl detection sign, but not everyone reacts to the bites. You could be getting eaten up during the night and not even know it. Sounds troubling, right?

Know You Are Dealing With Bed Bugs

With the above in mind, just because you are waking up with bite marks, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a bed bug case on your hands. You might be dealing with fleas or mites. Therefore, you must learn the common warning signs of a bed bug infestation.   Blood – Being parasitic creatures, bed bugs need blood. While this is common with parasitic creatures, it is a process that can leave droplets behind. In addition to this, these bugs feed at night, so there is always the real possibility that you could roll over and squash one during the feeding process. Either way, the results will be the same, blood on the sheets.   Skins – Similar to that of the snake, the bed bug will shed its skin when it matures. This is a process that leaves behind a mottled, delicate, and near-translucent skin.   Eggs – Eggs are not the best sign, as it means more pests are on the way or have just recently hatched. These items are only about the size of a pinpoint but look hard enough and you’ll see them.   Fecal Matter – Every living bug poops, including the bed bug. The evidence of this will usually show up at feeding sites in black stains. When smeared they’ll look like that of common inkblots.   Must, Sweet Odors – Keep your nostrils open for that sweet soda pop syrup smell. This will be a sign of a bed bug presence. However, these smells are usually only present in larger infestations.

Start Your Search

Upon even suspecting you have a bed bug problem on your hands, you’ll want to get a pro on the phone. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to speed along the process. A pro will still have to confirm that you are indeed dealing with bed bugs. You can make the process a bit faster if you provide that proof. The best way to do this is by moving your bed away from the wall and placing traps under the legs. The theory behind this is, you’ll be forcing the bugs to travel up the legs of the bed and through traps before accessing you in the bed. This will only work for bugs that haven’t already taken up residence in the mattress, but in largely infested homes, you’re guaranteed to at least secure a few bugs with this method. There are a handful of traps you can choose from, but the dish device is without a doubt the most cost-friendly. Cost-friendly, yet effective.

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